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The Acholi People- Culture & History

The Acholi are a Luo speaking ethnic group of people found in Northern Uganda occupying districts of Gulu, kitgum, Pader, Amuru, Agago and Nwoya collectively known as the Acholi Land . The history of western Nilotic people is an interesting one as they are believed to have migrated from South sudan in a place known as Bah El Gazel moving southwards into Uganda and finally settling in the northern region which they have called home for so many years.

The Acholi lived in decentralized society where all administrative powers are in the hands of Chief known locally asRwot ‘.He was responsible for overseeing administration and peace within each chiefdom of the Acholi land. These people were accustomed to sleeping in circular grass thatched huts with their main occupation of men being hunting and animal rearing while the women did all the planting and harvesting. Popular food crops grown in Acholi land include millet, groundnuts , sorghum, peas and simsim among others.

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